How to Finally Break Free from Your Comfort Zone


It happens before we know it.  At least it did for me, I ended up in a daily grind – living on a repeat cycle instead of seeing each day in wonder and excitement.  Once that happens, life can get bland—downright boring in fact. But then, the longer we’ve been on repeat, the harder it can be to break out of our comfort zone.  

I remember it like it was yesterday – that moment of clarity when I realized I was playing out the same script every day.  A friend mentioned that her professor recommended they all take a different route home that day.   Wow, I had been driving the same route to work for years, and I mean YEARS.  The simple exploration home that day led to so many new finds, from a hip new coffee shop to a gift store that has been an inspiration for so many wonderful gifts I have given.  The most important find or aha moment was that I was excited about what was around each and every corner of the drive.  I no longer dreaded the five extra minutes in the car.  My eyes were opened with that simple shift. 

So with that, below are my go-to tips on breaking up your rut and finding a little extraordinary in your ordinary. 

  •  Start Small.  Chances are you've been doing life the same way for quite some time.  Making small changes, such as taking that new route to work, taking a five-minute walk outside, or working out in the morning instead of the afternoon, can help introduce a new perspective.  Start by making small changes with how you do things, and you may notice a big difference. 

  • Make a Cheat Sheet.  Take a little time and brainstorm.  List a few things that you want to do but typically might not because you don’t have the time, or they feel frivolous.  For instance, make a solo stop for ice cream and get every topping that makes your heart dance, or look at the clouds until you can pick out three different shapes.  Keep this list handy, maybe somewhere in your purse or car, so when you need a little me time or are having a rebellious streak, all you have to do is choose one and relish in your success for having done it. 

  • Reinforce.  Celebrate your achievement.  The best way to reinforce and keep your momentum going is to start talking about it.  Have the conversation with a friend - maybe even inspire them to try and you can explore the magic together.  If you are not ready to say it out loud, journal it.  Consider jotting down what you did, why, and how it felt. With this method of reinforcement and gratitude for your courage, you can revisit your celebration whenever you need a pick-me-up or a boost of confidence.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can bring presence, excitement, and a sense of control back to your life.  It can also keep you from turning around 20 years from now realizing you only explored 1% of the possibilities the world had to offer.  Taking these small steps can help you explore the wonder of the world again as well as start getting comfortable being a little uncomfortable.  These little shifts help us make the bigger choices and changes in our lives we currently only dream about.  Go out there and explore your world.  Enjoy your drive home today, and as always, Shine Your Bright!

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Heather Breedlove