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It’s time for you to
shine your bright.

A Reintroduction to Yourself


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Are you ready to
shine your brightest?

Hi! I’m Heather, and I’m the creator of Shine Your Bright. I know how tough life can be. I’ve been there - striving to have the storybook marriage, amazing career, and picture-perfect family all while losing a little bit of myself each day because nurturing everyone and everything else seemed more important. After a while, I realized I didn’t know who I was anymore. What did I want out of life? How had my journey to this point affected me? What were my hopes and dreams? For that matter, what was my favorite ice cream flavor?

That is why I created Shine Your Bright. It can be scary or even strange to start focusing on yourself instead of everyone else. It might be the guilt of taking the time to work on you or the intimidation of even knowing where to start, but Shine Your Bright can help in just a few minutes. Through our journal, social media, and community, we offer a safe place to find your shine again.


Grab your journal today!

The Shine Your Bright Journal helps nurture your relationship with yourself - all through everyday images. Together we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary! Each page includes a photograph along with a list of prompts, questions, and plenty of space to write. The images might bright up something from your past, present, or future or emotions that have been pent up and you didn’t realize you had.  Embracing the joy, fear, laughter and anger will give you the courage to be yourself again. We hope this journal brings you joy and confidence in yourself, knowing that each tragedy and triumph in your life make up the magical person you are today. Take the time to embrace every aspect of you, and SHINE ON.

shine your bright